Aerobatics?  Me!

Yes!  You!

We offer Introduction to Aerobatics, Basic Aerobatics, Stall/Spin training and light General Aviation centered Unusual Attitude & Upset Recovery Training.

Need an endorsement for Tailwheel airplanes? Why do we call them a Taildragger or Conventional Gear?  We can answer those question as you expand your skills into the world of Tailwheel Airplanes.

We use a 2005 American Champion Super Decathlon for all training.

Cactus Aviation, located in the Terminal building at the Henderson Executive Airport in Henderson, Nevada, employs us for specialty training on a focused monthly schedule.  We also teach in Minden, Nevada through Cactus Aviation.

So, whether you live in Las Vegas, Carson City, the Carson Valley or are here for a visit, you can acquire new skills and view the world from a new and different angle.

Give us or Cactus Aviation a call, make an appointment and

Lets Go Fly!