Aerobatics?  Me!

Yes!  You!

We offer Introduction to Aerobatics, Basic Aerobatics, Stall/Spin training and light General Aviation centered Unusual Attitude & Upset Recovery Training.

Need an endorsement for Tailwheel airplanes? We can get that accomplished with you.  Why do we call them a Taildragger or Conventional Gear?  We can answer those questions as you expand your skills into the world of Tailwheel Airplanes.

We use a 2005 American Champion Super Decathlon for all training.

Cactus Aviation, located in the Terminal building at the Henderson Executive Airport in Henderson, Nevada, employs us for specialty training on a focused monthly schedule.  We also teach in Minden, Nevada and can make arrangements to teach at your home airport through Cactus Aviation.

So, whether you live in Las Vegas, Carson City, the Carson Valley, are here for a visit or need us to come to you, we can guide you in acquiring new skills as you view the world from a new and different angle.

Give us or Cactus Aviation a call, make an appointment and

Lets Go Fly!